Decoupage is the art of decorating surfaces with cut out prints. The basic principle is simple – choose suitable prints, cut them carefully, glue them on prepared surfaces. Then seal and finish the project with several layers of varnish.

The art of paper-cutting for decorative purposes has existed for many centuries, First in China where paper was invented during AD 105, then in Europe where paper was introduced during the 12th century.

Decoupage as we know it today, developed in Italy during the late 17th century and was a popular past-time of the ladies of the court.

For those who are new to decorative crafts, decoupage produces an excellent means of creative expression. The only requirements are patience and enthusiasm. With relatively little effort it is possible to transform humble household objects to works of Art – from jewelry boxes, glass vases, toy boxes and even on walls and doors. Virtually anything can be decorated with decoupage!

Lessons are conducted systematically and step by step which make learning easy and fun ages from 5 to 90. They are for those who.....

claim that they lack creativity
need to de-stress
want to exercise mental health (observation and comprehension abilities)
want to enjoy a practical hobby and fruitful time with family and friends
love to decorate their homes
love to give personalized gifts
love to turn trash to treasure.....

Fabric Painting
FABRIC PAINTING... Folk Artists paint on anything they lay their hands on and painting on fabric is no exception! Fabric needs little preparation before painting. Fabric Painting is a very rewarding hobby and form of Art. Once techniques and skills are acquired, any kind of plain fabric can be transformed into pieces of wearable or useable Art! Old or new plain curtains, bedsheets, pillowcases, tablecloths and many more can be transformed to match and decorate the home. Clothes, Shirts, T-shirts, bags, shoes and others can be transformed into personalized, wearable Art!

Ribbon Craft
RIBBON CRAFT... For aesthetic and practical reasons, ribbons have been around for a long time and have never gone out of style. In Victorian times, ribbons were used to decorate everything from clothes for children, men and women, to home furnishing and decorative items like curtains, cushions covers, tablecloths, bedcovers and many more. Ribbons were also used to decorate small items such as workbags, pocketbooks and pincushions.

Today, we can find ribbons of varying widths, materials, textures and colours. With this wonderful range, ribbon craft can be applied to everything including boxes, picture frames, brooches and gift wrapping, among others.

GLASS n TILE PAINTING... is exciting, simple and fun to master. Explore the various techniques in transforming plain glassware and chinaware into beautiful and colourful creations.

STENCILLING... gives immediate results! Is very easy to learn. It is so adaptable and versatile that can be used on many surfaces be it big or small. The motif choosen can be use many times which makes stencilling on walls, curtains .....simple and fast.

CANDLE PAINTING... is enjoyable and chellenging. The surface of the candle is usually curve and with limited space to paint... Result is interesting...

Gel Candles
GEL CANDLE MAKING... Gel candles are colourful, practical and easy to make! These candles last much longer than traditional wax candles and emit a soft, glowing light as they burn. The clear gel itself is inexpensive, is pleasure to work with as it melts easily and can be enhanced with color, fragrance and a variety of decorative items. It is one of the easiest and most rewarding craft to learn.

Stained Glass Painting
STAINED GLASS PAINTING... Many Traditional stained glass windows of old cathedrals and churches are impressive works of art, painstakingly created by expert craftsmen. They are very beautiful when seen through natural light. You too can create your own stained glass art by using transparent glass paints and imitation lead.

Stained glass painting is a simple and enjoyable craft to learn. Once you have picked up the basic techniques, the range of things you can decorate is unlimited. It is an inexpensive craft and gives hours of pleasure.

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